Business Continuity Management

“What single piece of advice can I recommend to the business community? My answer is a simple but effective business continuity plan that is regularly reviewed and tested.” Eliza Manningham-Buller, former Director of MI5 

Business Continuity is about knowing what resources you have available during a disruptive incident, which allows you to keep calm and carry on. Business Continuity can be seen as a lifebelt to keep your business afloat during the turbulent hours and days after an incident, giving you time to invoke your recovery plans.
Small and medium businesses are dynamic and often opportunistic, therefore it’s no surprise that you and your management team rarely get an opportunity to stand back and evaluate the position of the business and its principal activities. But this operational focus can mean that you’re not fully aware of the risks that threaten your core purpose of delivering Products and Services to your customers and consequently it will be much more difficult to react effectively and recover quickly in the event of an incident.
Business Continuity Management provides a simple and logical framework to identify the risks to the continuity of product and service provision, mitigate against them where possible but most importantly ensures that when an incident occurs you have proven plans in place to reduce the severity and duration of the impact on the business and your customers.

Helping you achieve ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management System

implement BCMS

ISO 22301:2012  applies to all types and sizes of business that wish to:

  • formally establish, implement, maintain and improve their BCMS
  • assure conformity with the businesses stated BC policy
  • demonstrate conformity to interested parties via certification by an accredited certification body