ISO 9001 – Why Bother?

quality-marker-pen-image“ISO 9001 is expensive, we can’t afford it”
“It’s bureaucratic and will tie us up in knots”
“It will take us years to accomplish”
“We don’t need it, we’re doing okay”
“We’ve got to have it because our top customer says so”
“We’ve got it but it’s just a tick in a box”
“We don’t make things, so it won’t work for us”
“We don’t have enough staff to appoint a Quality Manager”

PDCA-cycle-imageSound familiar? Perhaps 20 years ago (alright, maybe 10 years ago) the “do what you document, document what you do” approach with groaning shelves of dusty files prevailed. But the modern ISO 9001 QMS is shaking off this image and is increasingly being seen as a powerful management tool and as an effective way of mitigating and managing risk. ISO 9001 promotes the simple continual improvement methodology of Plan, Do, Check and Act.

At Orbit Business Management we recognise that small businesses have their own unique needs. As a small business ourselves, we understand the constant focus that’s necessary to keep a successful business on-track, and that continued growth often demands more resources and/or expertise than is available. We are qualified and experienced ISO 9001 consultants, with many years of experience both implementing and auditing systems – we’re here to offer advice and practical support.

Just consider the benefits

  • Top Management involvement and commitment is a prerequisite
  • Focuses the whole organisation on Customer Satisfaction
  • Formalises commitment to Continual Improvement
  • Reduce costs by following best practice, ISO 9001 will help you improve product, process and service quality
  • ISO 9001 will provide you with a competitive advantage in situations or industries where it is not a contractual obligation or expectation
  • Increases efficiency
  • Promotes measurement of critical objectives
  • Creates advantage through the Supply Chain
  • Effective marketing tool
  • Structured approach to problem solving and reducing defects
  • Ensures that Company effort is aligned towards complying with Customer and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements


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