Strategic planning

Why does strategic planning matter?

Strategic planning is a crucially important activity that underpins all subsequent work. It has the sole aim of creating competitive advantage. If you had no competitors then there would be little need for strategy.

Strategic thinking and planning should be regarded as a framework for good decision-making and as a tool for managing uncertainty and change.

It’s most effective with a small team of movers, shakers and decision-makers who share some common principles, such as a belief that nothing is off-limits, improvements need to be continual and that the best plans are executed quickly for market feedback to be considered and taken into account.

Our approach to strategic planning

We will take account of other existing inter-dependent management systems (e.g. ISO9001, your ISMS) and align organisational goals with, for example, Quality Objectives.

  • Alignment (100 Questions)
  • A3 planning map
  • 3-year Orbit business plan
  • Balanced scorecard (simplified) for cascading objectives and actions
  • Perhaps consideration and discussion around some models, for example:
  • Porter’s 5 Forces, 4 Corners
  • Lafley and Martin’s 5-Step Strategy Model
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • SCAMPER (Products and Services)