Business Continuity Planning

Orbit help organisations prepare practical business continuity plans to ensure they can respond and recover quickly from potentially catastrophic events.

business continuity planning

The latest BCI Horizon Scan (2019) lists the top current threats as:

  • Cyber attack and data breach
  • IT and telecom outage
  • Adverse weather
  • Critical infrastructure failure
  • Reputation incident

These threats could have a devastating impact on normal service provision and general operational effectiveness. They could lead to irreparable loss of systems, injury or loss of life. A carefully developed Business Continuity Plan will support the organisation during the critical first hours/days and should ensure that services are restored before significant harm is inflicted.

Most organisations now recognise the importance of Business Continuity Planning and many of their customers and other stakeholders now require evidence that they have a Business Continuity Plan.

However, developing a fit-for-purpose and effective Business Continuity Plan is challenging and often results in over-complicated and vague documentation.

Most organisations do not have the in-house expertise or time to write effective plans and off-the-shelf toolkits may be tempting but are definitely not the answer.

Orbit have extensive experience in all aspects of Business Continuity Planning and apply this to ensure that plans are simple, suitable, widely understood and reflect current best practice.

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